”Osmond.Your hair still wet, wipe with a towel light what use is it with a hair dryer?”

  Pei boat eventually could not speak.
  Fox turned his large head, a pair of water so misty eyes fox staring at him, full of the taste of an innocent.
  Pei Zhou breathing a stifled: “.”
  He eventually resigned sigh, took out his hair dryer from the bedside table, facing it: “The stunned with苏州夜网 what, come ah, my hair blow for you!”
  Fox’s big mouth micro hooks, eyes flashed a sly light, it quickly jumped Pei Le Diandian boat bed, lying in front of him.
  Pei boat began holding a hair dryer on its behalf Chuimao.
  In the blower “buzz.Down “sound, its hair gently vibrate, a hint of exotic incense drift off from Fox.
  Pei Zhou eyes some inexplicable miss, seems to think of my precious time Meng Meng still in his house, under his care, who also shares this odor.
  ”Well blow.”
  Pei boat off the hair dryer, a large fox want to rush down as a result, he saw lying on the bed of a large fox eyes micro whole family, half fox mouth sip, apparently in the process of Chuimao, it has been too uncomfortable to sleep.
  Pei Zhou: “.”
  He stared at a little tangled large fox looked a long while, after all it is embarrassed to shake awake, off.
  So he off the TV, lying in bed, and gave large fox divided the corner sheets.Obviously, the acquiescence of the giant fox sleeping in his bed.
  However, Pei Zhou did not know, after his eyes to sleep, the big fox mouth evoke arc, rising a little more.
  Tranquil night.
  Morning, sunlight falling on the big bed.

  Thought of this, she paused, looking a little poor, “Wu Zhi then three years old, a small sea is not coming back once!”

  This, Ruan Guohua just feel eye Feifei knife to the side to take, seeing not go hiding, he honestly said: “Yes, but at that time the fourth of injury, afraid to let you see, he was in the county wait for a while, not long left!”
  It would have been too long, Ruan Guohua thought it would thoroughly Man Xiaqu.
  Zhou Xiuying some sore gums, a chestnut son knocked to the Ruan Guohua’s head, “OK, ah!I’m telling you how many things??”
  That is Ruanguo Hai back to the family to send a lot of things, which Ruanzhi Wu wooden warehouse is well Ruanguo Hai gets here, he first entered the army at that time, and is home to pass messages, received a letter from home, know home third brother gave birth to a big fat guy, so Ruanguo Hai on their own to cut out a wooden warehouse.
  That is, let Ruanzhi Wu cherish for years wood storage.
  Zhou Xiuying said here, a little tired, “You are the wings of a hard, anything without telling me, Barbara is.”Here, fortunately she did not complain about it,” little sea, has said he was married yet?”
  Ruan Guohua shook his head, “did not say!That I met a small sea for a while, he said two things, he was transferred away, but no news for so many years, can not say Zhibuding married!”
  Zhou Xiuying waved, “I came in with rain, a trip, you get busy!”Just finished speaking, the courtyard door was pushed open, come notNone other than the three bedrooms and falling out of the ward.
  Nguyen Quoc years ruddy, “Mother, there is not a fourth of the news??”Behind him followed a Ruan Zhigang, knowing that the letter was returned to Ruanguo Hai, when Ruan Zhigang decisive Please choose a half-day leave, the fastest running back in the country to Nguyen tipped off.
  Needless to say, he can boil tetra troops on for so long, have not retired, mix in the armed forces is certainly not bad.
  Ruan Zhigang Can Dream It, Ruan Guohua, how unexpected, so that after the news, he did not have any pause, the fastest arrived at the three-bedroom, but he seems to unfortunately.
  Three-bedroom side of things is over, and even the letters were collected together, which is in the hands clutched tightly Zhou Xiuying.
  Nguyen rain hanging down eyelids, eyes flashed a trace of irony, this ward run so quickly ah!
  With Xu is the fourth of news, a rare Zhou Xiuying against Nguyen Quoc years has been somewhat good face, “ah, you you letter fourth brother, and now others in peace, do not worry about the future!”
  ”Gone?”Some do not believe in Nguyen Quoc.
  Zhou Xiuying sank his face, “how, I do not believe even your mother, do you think will be the fourth of the spade in the letter inside??”
  If the former is naturally aware of Nguyen Quoc Zhou Xiuying to the poor, but it will, Nguyen Quoc years totally immersed in thoughts when Ruan to high official, some not extricate themselves, “ranks the fourth did not say, he did what step??We can not let the next level Ruan?”
  Nguyen rain a little face tightly stretched, eyes with a trace of a smile, uncle can own more and more stupid, and did not see Grandma’s gloomy face like clouds.
  Sure enough, the next second, Zhou Xiuying took a bald scoop on the broom against the wall, go out into the country in Nguyen who fight to go, “I killed you a unfilial you for so many years out of four brothers, life and death, I do not know, you come first one thing is to ask this??You in the end is not as big brother ah??Nguyen Quoc years, so you can really black heart, ah, had known this, then I might as well strangle you got, so let your brother go kiss scourge!!!”
  And compared to kneel before Ruan Guohua, Nguyen Quoc much of this will be awkward, Zhou Xiuying Chaozhuo bald scoop broom, chasing Nguy广州桑拿网en Quoc in full yard run, Nguyen Quoc was hit in the Aoao called, “Mother, are you doing blanket!I, I care care of four brothers ah!”
  But, his words drowned in a burst of crackling sound in.

  Pei boat picked up the group of eleven pups, a pass line and patiently, light coax said: “comfortable uncomfortable ah?How about efforts ah?”

  Pups who did not speak, but responded with body language – and all of a level of paralysis Siyangbacha.
  Small gills mouse has a paralyzed rat pieces, and only a short round or rounded tail, little fat lying chirp has become a hairy pie, only the head tilt or stay hair tuft, Ankylosaurus and Tyrannosaurus baby baby, hinder the body too hard,深圳桑拿 not a change is flat look, but also lying on the floor micro narrowed his scarlet eyes, really nice.
  For the little cub who do a lot of spiritual counseling, but also the way to help them put out the bumps on the body of a small wound to good treatment.
  Pei hand boat stay hair fiddle a bit on the small tilt of the head fat chirp: “Little fat chirp, you can vary it?He said we’d show it to me?”
  Mentioned abilities, fat little awkward to chirp, it a Ji Ling stood up, slipped a small black naked eye outbreak.
  It fluttering wings, once a title to the Scarecrow from its nest in a tree, thrown to the front of the boat Pei toes.
  Peizhou Qi blame at the little scarecrow on the ground, squat lower body, you want to pick it up, I saw the results of a scarecrow A faint white smoke,
  His movements of a lag, the next sec南宁桑拿ond, I saw a small scarecrow disappeared, replaced by a mini-type “Pei boat” standing there.
  From facial features, hairstyles, body proportions, the clothes are exactly the same with his own, like a hand to do the same.
  Mr. Fox also froze two seconds, and then happy mad rush before it a stride, holding out a soft pink tongue, head to toe in a mini-version of “Pei Boat” who licked again, giving it under a rain saliva.
  Straight to the “mini-Pei boat” licked a reel, almost fell backward, “mini-Pei Boat” appeared a little face could not help looking angry, Pei and his reaction is also exactly the same boat himself, raising his hand to want to kick Mr. fox about the ears, but it is regrettable gap height, he can only angrily at Mr. fox’s face a slap shot.
  But that little effort, simply tickle the same as Mr. Fox did not looked down, but grinned corner, tongue sticking out, his face full of curious fox color, constantly raised his little paws, fiddle Bae Zhou’s hair, his clothes lift lift!
  Pei boat dumbfounded for a moment, has been confused arguments of Mr. Fox move, he hastened to a stride forward, hand pulling hair pulling each other’s ears: “You think I do not exist ah!”
  Mr. Fox seemed to realize that his side still with a “large Pei boat”, he stopped to take liberties “mini Pei Boat”, his head coyly, “Whoops,” a cry, innocent eyes blinking fox.
  Pei boat glared at it, this withdrawal of hand.
  He will then mini-version of “Pei boat” placed on his hand, and a lot of their own 大眼瞪小眼.

  Han Yu Xu Yun looked at the old lady, and the old lady are sitting there Xu Han Yu cloud looked up and down this person.

  Very strange, Han Yu cloud lady just went to prison, but now he did not seem worried, methodicalNot a little anxious and abjection.
  The last time Paul Chun to prison, he came to her at that time completely different.
  Xu old lady do not know what this means, but one thing is certain, the man she did not quite that simple.
  Also, otherwise how can Han Yu cloud for so long attracte南宁夜网d the attention it their home granddaughter.
  Xu old lady sitting there thinking all the time, sitting in the seat below the cloud Han Yu has been drinking tea, suddenly spoke and said: “Let Abhay, we’ll get out of here.”
  Xu heard this old lady Somewhat taken aback, she did not think Han Yu cloud would say such a thing.After all, before they talk, Han Yu cloud but how would disagree.
  Xu old lady spoke and said, “But the Korean doctor lady and what’s wrong yet?”
  Alex before the old lady and Han Yu cloud had reached a consensus on this topic, so that she is not so go for Han Yu cloud.
  In her view, not as an enemy than a friend.Even Han Yu cloud, she was never going to put him assigned to the ranks of the enemy, the relationship as long as he can carry himself and Xu Qing Yin, Han Yu Xu old lady to cloud the mind, does not have to kill.
  Rest of the stuff, she can be ignored.
  After all, this may be a factor but excited Xu Yan, but now Han Yu Yun said that now that so it must have his reasons, Xu old lady can not as not to hear, but also can not deny that his own son’s hands.
  ”I only know Alex came assassin, who did not know me.However, one thing can confirm that, as long as you leave, I can let go.”
  Xu old lady say, Han Yu cloud without the slightest way.
  ”How long put Abhay.”
  Han Yu Yun did not want to beat around the bush, he did say this.And Xu old lady’s words so that he finally had a rough.

  ☆, Chapter two hundred thirty-two face

  But he soon began, Xu old lady interrupted him.
  ”I can not guarantee that things and people who have nothing to do with Alex, but one thing can confirm that I will not be hands-on.”
  Han Yu cloud certainly do not believe this matter and Alex does not matter, if not Xu old lady.
  But the peo苏州桑拿ple behind the scenes and they have a certain relationship, Han Yu cloud will certainly be others to come to the old lady Han.One reason is to tell him to tell the old lady, Han Yu cloud attitude did not change before and.
  But before Xu and his old lady agreed, and now Xu old lady if violated, this is a very unethical practice.

  Qin Peishun the sound and looked, is a very long handsome son of the brother.

  However, Paul Chun also did not intend to issue went to that stage.
  ”No, we are here quite good.”
  Paul Chun Lin Xuan month gave a look, Lin Xuan month heels also let go of the principal of, back to the original position and sat down.
  ”Since three inconvenient to come, then I can do down?”
  Obviously the tone of the request, that person is already moving his legs down ready.
  Paul Chun carrying eye glanced around, around to watch the people have to say is too many people.
  If the person down, then have to be Zhibuding how many people watching, it looked upstairs son just down the stairs when Paul Chun still spoke and said: “So, the more Xie Gongzi good intentions.”
  Three of them in succession on the second floor, soon to be the son to go to the rooms they sit just inside.
  Inside the room it seems not many people, the only son of a housekeeper and his side, and the rest of the people are stuck in the door and did not come in with.
  Linxuan month looked silently in front of the man, the amount should not be a woman.
  Although her head sent to bundle up, and dress is also very masculine, except for a little cheesy.However, one thing can not be ignored that this woman has pierced ears.
  When Linxuan month found Paul Chun al苏州夜网so just found this out, and Han Yu cloud is beside hint.
  Then, all the people inside this room all know the little son in front is actually a Nver Shen.
  But they all nodded silently and did not prick the secret.
  Lead small son spoke and said: “Just things I’m sorry, this time out did not want to cause so many twists and turns.The boss might be too much to take care of our side, and instead of you ignored.”
  In spite of these words very sincere, down can not let you have any dissatisfied.
  But Linxuan month but did not speak, he has been eyed man.I do not know why, she always felt a little familiar person.
  And Han Yu cloud always cold, the other was a daughter. He will not say anything.
  It touches the side of Paul Chun, should be the one kind of said: “There is no relationship.”
  Looking at the table in front of a small苏州夜网 son three people said: “But out of rivers and lakes from home, can be considered make friends, and then I is Sun.”
  Sun then finished, put the cup in one gulp before them.
  After Linxuan Sun ran this month to hear the word froze a moment, she was not sure the front of the Sun and then south Chia What is the relationship?
  However, surnamed Sun in this world too many people it will not be her being paranoid.
  After all, in her memory inside, Sun Kai did not tell her, his home and a sister.If she did not remember correctly, it should only Sun Chia Kai in a baby fishes.

  ”County magistrate wise!Zhu Shiro you can not live up to the ardent expectations of the county magistrate you ah!”

  Lackey after another on the line, changing the pattern blowing rainbow fart, totally did not realize how big this thing is the challenge for Zhu Shiro.Zhu Shiro no matter how heart collapse, so this thing settle down.County magistrate after satiated, with two said to be the best of the whole pig pig, he left the village of Xiushui.
  Of course, the pig is not to be white, and shortly thereafter sent something of a bullock cart.
  Taking into account just the usual old Zhu farmhouse, send things are now the lingua franca.On a good piece of cotton to send the piece, pig meat, nearly hundred pounds of air-dried, as well as tea, honey, cakes, etc., are all the county’s finest goods.However, the most noteworthy is the county magistrate and even bullock carts with their cattle are sent home.Oxcart aside, it is Zheng Dangnian bovine cattle, farmland, pull cars are players, Zhu father happy to be bad, up and down through a good touch Do not say, but also personally went to the backyard with cattle Xu Jiumei shed to pack out, good cow peace of mind to stay.
  County magistrate sent something worth far more than the naturally that two big fat pig, but here Zhu did not all take it, but the memories of that day to send friends and family eat, all given in return.Because the village people rarely have a chance to see what the county, and received in return are very happy, the atmosphere is actually a very good time.

Chapter 065
  Xiushui county magistrate visited the village this thing has really caused a great sensation.
  The village run and jump up and down whenever all over the crowd, not to mention how much slack there is no division itself job, even if there is a rush on hand, one accurate will be put down, had one along for the ride.With Wangxiang Qin’s words, that it’s all a fight groupies future generations.
  And here first, most of the villagers are simply fun to watch because there was over, there may be very few people looked at this scene, my heart and what a weird smells, do not know 杭州桑拿洗浴what to say.
  Wen’s mention it, she already held a grudge against Wang Xiangqin.There are many reasons, in addition to Wenji that thing, there are the old married ever since Wangxiang Qin Zhu happened many, including the separation of thing that, in her view are all out of the ghost Wang Xiangqin.Then, she was only yesterday height Zhu Dalang rebuked a pass, even if Dairo did not mention other months, she will still take advantage of all the pot are by the head of the Wang Xiangqin.
  Old passions together, Wen stood in the crowd of onlookers watch, the county magistrate looked to be a plus courtesy of Shiro Zhu and Wang Xiangqin, but was just not the taste so simple, simply can not wait to rush to tear Wang Xiangqin face mask, good and call everyone to see what the woman hidden despicable.
  Hath yesterday height Zhu Dalang ears still echoing the words, Wen’s hands clenched into fists, but had to re-release.
  Ning’s only heard the sound hole of Wen’s two quarrel, and did not know at the end of the fight, Dairo cold with caution Wen’s face, and then if things do next is not a rebuke but a repudiation.
  Repudiation naturally not so simple, especially Wen’s knee had children and women.Can these words, even the mere threat of a fine, it really scare Winchester.Not even scare a lifetime, at least a short time Winchester is afraid to go straight out of the barrel of hate Wang Xiangqin.

  So true height in the end is how much traffic florets?!

  There is also a flower, called the swim, and confident that he swam very well, the result of a video put out, dog paddle!
  Comedy fans!
  Against these curious, whether fans or, passers-by or whatever, know that it exists Arts, the New Year right thing, who wants to watch TV ah miserable?Aspect want funny, relaxed, entertaining.
  White Bear Group and the rich and powerful ah, he’s not only has entertainment polar bear, polar bear video, television, and other polar bear, it also has many other projects too, with “National Idol Games” promotion is something in line with the mainstream values of socialism, positive, positive, plus the new year is also the Asian Games held in China, with the publicity can be so easily passed the audit, carried out three plus a direct mode in the full webcast.
  What is three plus one it?Is the polar bear video, video tomato, kiwi video three major video sites, plus the Asian Games host city will be headed TV on Saturday evening at eight, at the same time released.
  This leads to heat “National Idol Games” were quickly brought up and start looking forward to 8:00 pm.
  The first phase is hot publicity, Su Xingchen their game continues.
  When a row to kill Matt are holding headligh北京体验网t card, cool go sit down and lined up in front of the first row of the best eight positions, even the photographer can not ignore them.
  Long-term move along in this industry they quickly realize that this may be a good surprise, no matter how late editors are editing, anyway, at the moment they are conscientious they will all take pictures of them.
  From the first they enter the venue, and then to go down they pull the wind, the last one to sit down cold deadpan.
  Cameraman think that this time must add special effects, add sound effects, add background music!
  Then, he was not conscious of the camera, pointed at the cards in their hands lights.
  Ah, Su Xingchen.
  He remembered her..
  Already do not like the morning as in the afternoon, also put forward a parade in the afternoon than directly.
  Because the afternoon was t上海夜网he women’s game, the scene of the fans are more male fans, of course, also a lot of female fans.
  And men, like the first day of the preliminaries is running, the woman from fifty meters to the woman one hundred meters, to the woman two hundred meters.
  Su Xingchen women’s two hundred meters, so the first two, she did not appear.

The second part is the need to pick out one hundred ordinary people on the spot to score, this is two.

  T杭州桑拿hen adding the two parts of the score, the highest score is the winner.
  Jiang Rou to the child when that one hundred specially selected people have been spectators, and seven Lianzhu rock edge, no more than two days before the man, looking very empty.
  Space’s first location, on which stood the long narrow table, most middle Gong Qing Damajindao sitting there, his left hand is easy to repair Habayashi health care, the right hand side is the past few days that a passeng深圳桑拿网er assessment, obviously a Vice Zhongxinggongyue attitude.
  Jiang Rou aim glances, just Gu Xiu Yi keen over here, his eyes with a Warrior have dignity, as people very petrified.
  However, Jiang Rou blinking eyes, innocent face, like Ruannuo sister Linjiaxiaomei.
  Suddenly, Gu Xiu Yi has turned his head and looked away lead.
  Gong clear half hanging eyes, expressionless face, a stranger not intake gas field.
  N Si Shi, Yuji schematically a first row of beautiful people who play smell.
  Beautiful people armed with circular fan, fan on the indigo, plain white beauty posture soft volley leap, just the right color artist rendering for the whole sector present a misty ethereal realm.
  Yuji began to introduce orderly, beautiful people are carrying a fan, to walk in a circle in front of the customer evaluation, followed by slowly walked in front of that one hundred people.
  After all the Akira circle, people start scoring.
  Gong Qing sharp eyes, such as electricity, He looked round fan the hands of the beautiful, prosperous and said: “You twinning artist, but mysterious class?”
  Beautiful people blessing ceremony answered: “Back to the adults, it is.”
  Gong Qing little review a few words, most with play, but on the side of the young artist encouraged: “The painting skills proficiency, to practice for six months, may be promoted to grade Try painting hall.”

  Lunar New Year is already the twelfth lunar month, every household is the marinated bacon, sausage do day.

  Jiangxia and Lu Shaoyang after discussion, decided to send a pork Jiang family, his home and then leave a.As Zhu and Cai Ling Zou Jiahui there, they decided to the New Year in Long County this year, to give them time to mention some good sausages and bacon in the past on the line.
  Drove up to the river house, Sophie groups see direct daughter and son carrying a pig back, happy to go quickly to install the pot Canada.
  ”Mom, this is your son doing your honor, and I just give a lift to bring back Shaoyang.”Jiangxia group holding Sophie’s arm, looked at Lu Shaoyang easily pick up a few pounds of pork cook.
  He can be really big effort!
  Sophie smiled and patted Jiangxia group of hand, “You are a good boy, Shaoyang yesterday returned to me with a lot of candy and rapeseed oil.”
  They also know that the rest of the pork to get home, Sophie group there is no more they stay.
  Before leaving, she filled a large bag of fried meatballs own son handed Jiangxia, “Well, Nguyen Hai Ming and I do like to eat the meatball sub, take it home and let your mother or braised soup will do.”
  ”Mom, you are so good!”Jiangxia know that this is the mother of a mind.
  Congjiang home to home land, only five minutes by car.
  Jiangxia quietly took out a meatball sub, Lu Shaoyang mouth to feed, “I smell incense, just pan soon, also warming up.”
  Lu Shaoyang bite, nice mother craft!
  ”Hey, you do a dog?Almost put my finger bite.”Jiangxia some uncomfortable back his right hand, just as if his tongue licked her fingertips.
  Lu Shaoyang turned around and smiled, “Sciascia, you have a taste, good to eat.”
  Soon, the land entrance to the home.Flo heard the movement came out and found the hands of Sciascia carrying a big bag meatball sub.
  ”Just go home river?”
  ”um, yes.We do love to eat her mother said meatball sub people, so I brought some back.The family has large pot it?Ah Kun brother got 苏州夜网419us a swine, in the trunk.”Jiangxia, pointing to the open trunk of Lu Shaoyang told Flo.
  Flo a closer look at the trunk of two hundred pounds of pork, I am pleased to wiping her hands on her apron.
  ”Yes, yes, I’ll get them immediately.”She turned toward the house shouted:” Old Miss, come quickly to help, Sciascia and pigs Shaoyang pull back.”
  This life’s previously unthinkable dream.
  Florence Chan and Sophie were put up to get through the tough times in the last year, the New Year two people cut five pounds of bacon has a very luxurious feel, I did not expect to pull back directly pigs this year.As a hostess at home, they both have started with myself, and what piece of meat for cured ham, which used to make sausage meat.Dude was a good thing, trotters Bang can be directly eat the stew.
  Two children came back from school and saw the home of pork, too excited to go to touch.
  Really a lot of meat, there are several ten unbundled.

  He came to head, the hand, not hands.

  In order to see the river his subconscious, his mind a bit messy, and finally clear my mind of thread management, only one thought: the original so powerful sister school ah.
  Jiang sequence of finger tapping the desktop, Lu did no南宁桑拿t respond to a break in the eyes, he welcomes him off Mouguang at low grazing and over.
  Jiang Mian frown: “hurt not good, forget the pain of this?”
  ”How can.”Lu Gengzhuobozi a break, touched his face, and light pressing ribs, so big, to be labeled as such was the first time.
  Hurt his face may not care about, can not forget the ribs Zheyi.
  When I think about the gas came up again.
  He stalked off habitats Gu Wen walked off Yan Gu habitat hand stand in front of tattoos, screaming: “You stop!Jiang’s teacher, you are a teacher, you let your brother hit?!”
  Jiang Mian Jiang did not give the opportunity to speak in order, after all he is a teacher: “Your words mean, not someone hit Gu Wen habitat, habitat Gu Wen beat on the line, is not it?”
  Guan Xin a lag, anxiety, the peripheral vision to see a leisurely watch a movie together Menghan.
  Gu Wen told her habitat, Jiang Qi Menghan background than poor sleep background, her teeth: “The habitat now read your boyfriend, you have the heart to watch him beating you.”
  Qi Menghan sigh: “But habitat Wen school brother wounded is the fact that Chiang did not speak, what can I say.”
  Finally add: “You are the habitat of the text ex-girlfriend, so you have to defend him, I’m happy.”
  How ironic tone Menghan Qi Guan Xin did not come out, but she can not figure out, even if Qi Menghan do not like her, this time also should help text ah habitat.
  Lu had a break this time approached, he did not bother GUAN Xin, Gu habitat straight to kick to the ribs text.
  He thought: Gu Wen habitat in his ribs hit a punch, he kicked, very fair.
  Gu habitat where the text is Keenan main heart beating, and he was holding off a sideways roll, while his left leg towards Lu break a leg sweep.
  Lu raised his right leg has been a break, if they are perched Gu Wen leg sweep, he not only played less than a habitat Gu Wen, also fell heavily to the ground.
  ”boom – !”Scream.
  Lu scare off a jump sideways, puzzled look holding leg pain sweating Gu Wen habitat.
  He has not even kicked ah.
  Positive thinking, Gu Lulu rolled a ball in front of him, looked down, is a globe on the desk of his brother.