[Can maternal eat cold noodles-]_ postpartum _ can you eat

[Can a mother eat cold noodles? 】 _ Postpartum _ can you eat Eating a bowl of Liangpi in the hot summer is definitely a treat, and the nutritional value is still very high. However, it is necessary for the mother to eat it carefully, even if it is not edible at all, because Liangpi is a cold food. It can easily cause diarrhea after eatingAdverse symptoms, the maternal body

[Grasp this critical moment to get the way to the immortal]

[Grasp this critical moment to “get the way to the immortal”] The human civilization is getting higher and higher, the social class of women is getting more and more, and the degree of openness of sex is also increasing. Women are not just bed-warming tools for men now, they will have sex, and men who are caring for women in bed will become their core competitiveness. Now that this matter

Marubeni (603983): beauty begins

Marubeni (603983): beauty begins The investment highlights for the first time covered Marumi Corporation (603983) giving an outperform industry rating with a target price of 50. 00 yuan, corresponding to 33x P / E in 2020. The reasons are as follows: the leading mid- to high-end eye care, the power of e-commerce channels, and the performance has entered a period of rapid growth. Marubeni has long-term peer profitability (benefits from

China Chemical (601117): 2019 results increase ahead of expectations

China Chemical (601117): 2019 results increase ahead of expectations Introduction to this report: 2019 performance increase by 50? 70% exceeded expectations. Russia ‘s new projects with a record value of nearly 100 billion yuan demonstrated strength and contributed to a 57% increase in orders. Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight rating. The company announced the announcement of the pre-increasing results for 2019, and the net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 is

Women’s dysmenorrhea preferred diet: nourishing blood and pain relief porridge

Women’s dysmenorrhea preferred diet: nourishing blood and pain relief porridge Guide: Many women will have dysmenorrhea when they are menstruating, and some even survive the pain in the first day or two. They cannot move in bed and cannot work.   For women with dysmenorrhea, the conditioning of the body is particularly important. The following editor recommends a therapeutic porridge-nourishing and analgesic porridge for women with dysmenorrhea.   Ingredients: 15 grams of

Different interpretations of the time sickness in the four seasons

Different interpretations of the “time sickness” in the four seasons Exogenous diseases include nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, cough, headache, aversion to cold, fever, and body pain, which can occur all year round, so it is also called “current illness”. “Earth Diseases? The “Times and Qi Diseases” states: “It should be warm and cold in spring, hot and cold in summer, cold and hot in autumn, and cold and warm

Let food therapy improve the woman’s coldness!

Let food therapy improve the woman’s coldness! 1. Composition of black bone chicken soup: 1 black bone chicken, 9 grams each of angelica, astragalus and poria.   Usage: Wash the chicken, remove the dirt and impurities, add the medicine to the chicken belly and replace it with a thread, cook it in a casserole, remove the residue, add the condiment and eat the meat and soup. Take 2 to 3 times.

A woman’s heart

A woman’s heart Few women are willing to honestly say what they think, but almost all women want men to know their minds properly, and to “service” them with great gentleness.   No matter how great a woman is, she is a child in the subconscious. She can behave very, very obedient and sensible, but you must always take care of her. Don’t think that she is “sensible” and forget her

Three things a happy couple must do every day

Three things a happy couple must do every day We need to be a confident man. Don’t be afraid that your wife will be like a kite with a broken line as soon as you leave the house. Encourage her to re-enter the rivers and lakes, accept the necessary entertainment, and make her reshape her beautiful image.It does not hinder her to change her mind and become a little prodigal