Jiang Tianguang is the one who came by,Is also a very old man with a story,So he also told Qin Feng those experiences。

“Ugh,I’ll go back and have a look,Thank you for this time。” Qin Feng looked at Tianguang and said,He is very grateful for some things。 Because he knows,what is happening,How much risk people have taken for them。 Tianguang waved his hand and smiled:“This doesn’t get in the way,You don’t know that people like me don’t like so many messy things,You didn’t do anything wrong,Why be bullied,Good people must be rewarded。” Various

Seeing Qiao Tianyu’s face full of confusion,Huang Shuliang laughed,He said he couldn’t even believe it,Today he can come to chicago。

I’ll wipe it! Dude,Are you kidnapped by aliens?? Old friends,Huang Shuliang and Qiao Tianyu are very happy,Qiao Tianyu was also hungry,So the two went to the Central Plu Hotel restaurant together,Chatting while eating。 After some conversation,Qiao Tianyu finally understood what was going on。 Two days ago,Huang Shuliang indeed escorted the tanker fleet back to China,But Huang Shuliang suddenly got a domestic notice on the way,Ask him to urgently accompany the

[Efficacy and role of pig diaphragm]_Inevitable_Benefit

[Efficacy and role of pig diaphragm]_Inevitable_Benefit Many people don’t really know about pig yam, in fact, pig yam is the dirty of pigs. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it has a good spleen and stomach effect, can help digestion, has the effect of nourishing the lungs and moisturizing, and can make people’s complexion more ruddy. Generally speaking, using this kind of ingredients can make soup, while it alsoIt also

[Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipes]_Methods_Methods

[Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipes]_Methods_Methods There are many principles of sweat steaming. Steaming is not just passing through. Hot steam fumigates the body. Some traditional Chinese medicine needs to be added to the steaming because Chinese medicine can better treat the disease and at the same time it can add sufficient effects to sweating.During the process, you should consult the relevant doctor about the choice of Chinese medicine, because

Tianyi Shangjia (688033) New Stock Coverage Study: Pioneer of Domesticization of Motor Vehicle Brake Pads

Tianyi Shangjia (688033) New Stock Coverage Study: Pioneer of Domesticization of Motor Vehicle Brake Pads The main focus of the company is the pioneer of localization of motor vehicle brake pads. The company is a leading supplier of powder metallurgical brake pads for EMUs in China. R & D, production and sales of powder metallurgical brake pads and locomotives for main EMUs, locomotive brake pads, and brake pads for urban

Depth-Company-Tongwei Co., Ltd. (600438): Planning Exhibition Leads to New Plans

Depth * Company * Tongwei (600438): Planning exhibition grand plans leading new chapter The company released its medium-term development plan and 30GW battery chip expansion plan, which is expected to further strengthen the industry’s leading position and core competitiveness; maintain the buy rating. Key points of the official rating. The mid-term development plan is ambitious, and the leader in photovoltaic manufacturing reopens a new chapter: the company issued an announcement,

Pumpkin Field Chicken Soup

Pumpkin Field Chicken Soup 500 grams of pumpkin, 200 grams of pheasant, 50 grams of garlic.   Wash pumpkins and cut into pieces; remove garlic, wash and cut into sections; remove viscera and peel and cut into pieces. Put pheasant, pumpkin, and garlic in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with wuhuo, and simmer for 40 minutes, season and serve immediately, 1 serving per day.   Efficacy Applying

Changing temperature cleansing tips for careful skin care_1

Careful skincare with changing temperature The temperature in spring is changeable. Maybe it was clear and clear yesterday, but today it became rainy. In this impermanent season, the skin will also become sensitive. Even if you are not born with sensitive muscles, if you don’t pay attention to scientific cleansing, your skin will gradually become fragile.   ● Select low-stimulation cleansing products when changing seasons. When changing seasons, you should choose

TCM nourish him to fall in love with your tender feet

_1 TCM nourish him to fall in love with your tender feet Lead: Foot skin that is most easily overlooked, in fact, needs to be carefully cared for, otherwise you even write articles on your body, as long as you are not careful, your feet will still betray your age. Beauty foot method 1: petal whitening and moisturizing method uses the acid and trace elements in the petals to whiten

Patients with burglars often lack love since childhood

Patients with burglars often lack love since childhood Home has millions of assets, but stealing everywhere, it sounds incredible, but it does matter. On June 26, the A13 edition of Dahe Daily reported that Wang, a foreigner, owned a small business in Zhengzhou with total assets of one million yuan. But since April this year, he has sneaked into the houses rented by migrant workers from urban villages such as