January 2020

Wuguan Qigong Health Law

Wuguan Qigong Health Law First, the ear’s qigong health ear is the hearing organ. Chinese medicine believes that the function of the ear depends on the nourishment of essence, marrow, qi, and blood, especially the harmony of kidney qi. Ear disorders are mostly related to the kidneys. The small intestine meridian of the hand, the bladder meridian of the foot, the triple focus meridian of the hand Shaoyang, the bile

Three dietary prescriptions for rheumatoid arthritis

Three dietary prescriptions for rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease with symmetry, multiple joints, and facet joint protrusions. It is mainly manifested in the three treatments of rheumatoid arthritis and congeal treatment. It may be ankylosing and deformed in the late stage, and has severe functionsdamage. Chinese medicine often treats evacuation, cold dispel, dampness and collaterals, swelling and pain relief. Three congee treatment recipes are

Polish your character from driving habits

Polish your character from driving habits There are many similarities between how a person controls a car and how he controls his body. If you think of a car as an extension of a person’s body, the method of driving is a mechanical incarnation of body language, which can also reflect your daily mood and mentality. Do you believe?   Drive at a prescribed speed: Such people abide by the law

Changing temperature cleansing tips for careful skin care_1

Careful skincare with changing temperature The temperature in spring is changeable. Maybe it was clear and clear yesterday, but today it became rainy. In this impermanent season, the skin will also become sensitive. Even if you are not born with sensitive muscles, if you don’t pay attention to scientific cleansing, your skin will gradually become fragile.   ● Select low-stimulation cleansing products when changing seasons. When changing seasons, you should choose

The amazing effect of green onions

The amazing effect of green onions When it comes to green onions, many people think that the role of seasoning should be used, but this is not the case. Shallots have certain effects and functions. You must not know that scallions have the effects of aphrodisiac and tonic. Let ‘s take a look at the amazing benefits of green onions.   The effect of green onion is to strengthen yang and

Let food therapy improve the woman’s coldness!

Let food therapy improve the woman’s coldness! 1. Composition of black bone chicken soup: 1 black bone chicken, 9 grams each of angelica, astragalus and poria.   Usage: Wash the chicken, remove the dirt and impurities, add the medicine to the chicken belly and replace it with a thread, cook it in a casserole, remove the residue, add the condiment and eat the meat and soup. Take 2 to 3 times.

Spring diet and throat care_1

Spring Diet Therapy Traditional Chinese medicine says that “pharyngeal fluid needs to be raised, and throat needs to be replenished.” This means that the throat needs fluid to be maintained. If the fluid is deficient or malfunctions and cannot reach the throat, the throat may be dried and cause throat diseases.   In terms of food, foods with effects such as shengjin and fire reduction are more suitable for voice health

What tea to drink for whitening

_1 What tea to drink for whitening Tea contains various vitamins, among which the content of vitamin C is many. There is no doubt that vitamin c has a good whitening effect. So if you want to whiten and improve skin pressure, then start drinking tea. In addition, there are many obvious choices of whitening tea in bulk in the city. According to your own taste, you can buy it

Prominent fitness measures

Prominent fitness measures Anti-support stand up: Sit on a chair with your arms at both ends of the chair. Lean on your back and move your center of gravity to your arms. At the same time, your legs are straightened, your hips are tightened and tilted forward, your head is raised and your chest is straightened, and your body is straight for 5 seconds. Pay attention to natural breathing, with

What should I do if I encounter a “big flicker” in the workplace?

What should I do if I encounter a “big flicker” in the workplace? I have heard several complaints about “Beijing Grandpa” from “Imperial City Gener”. The complaining items are usually: love bragging-inadvertently revealing that you know a big official or big entrepreneur, and hinting or expressing that you can use the relationship with these VIPs to get things that others can’t figure out; it’s irresponsible to take matters seriously——The mantra