[Can maternal eat cold noodles-]_ postpartum _ can you eat

[Can a mother eat cold noodles?

】 _ Postpartum _ can you eat

Eating a bowl of Liangpi in the hot summer is definitely a treat, and the nutritional value is still very high. However, it is necessary for the mother to eat it carefully, even if it is not edible at all, because Liangpi is a cold food. It can easily cause diarrhea after eatingAdverse symptoms, the maternal body is already weak, the consequences will be unpredictable if you eat it again, and breastfeeding will affect the baby’s healthy growth.

First, the nutritional value of Liangpi You can keep warm by eating noodles in winter, you can relieve summer heat in summer, you can relieve fatigue in spring, and you can cool down in wet in autumn. It is a rare natural green pollution-free food that is suitable for all seasons.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: rice can nourish the spleen, wheat can make up the heart.

Hanzhong noodles are also called Liangpi. They are called differently according to the substitution of raw materials. Rice noodles made of (large) rice are called rice noodles, also called Liangpi, and noodles made of noodles (flour) are called gluten noodles.Town noodles are more famous as Hanzhong noodles are softer, smoother, and taste better than Qin town noodles.

Second, can confinement eat cold noodles?

Liangpi will never have any nutritional value, and it belongs to cold and spicy food, which is absolutely inedible for pregnant women.

Maternal consumption of cold and spicy foods can easily lead to diarrhea and fire, which affects postpartum recovery, especially for women who have a caesarean section.

In addition, the sanitary condition of Liangpi during the production process is worrying, and its consumption is not good for human health.

Third, the dangers of confinement eating cold skin1, cold skin is cold food, maternal health is weak after delivery, qi and blood deficiency will occur, can not eat cold food, especially women with poor spleen and stomach function, too coldCold food will hurt the spleen and stomach, affect digestion, is not good for qi and blood, and is not conducive to the discharge of lochia and the removal of congestion.

2. Liangpi is a spicy and irritating food. It is easy to damage postpartum consumption, gas consumption, blood loss, aggravation of qi and blood weakness or constipation. It is also not good for babies after entering milk.

If it is a cesarean section, it is not conducive to the recovery of the wound.

3, Liangpi added Ming Ming, namely aluminum sulfate.

Excessive implantation will affect the function of maternal brain cells, which will affect and interfere with people’s consciousness and memory function, cause Alzheimer’s disease, and even cause cholestatic liver disease, resulting in complications such as bone softening.