next moment,The old Taoist rises into the sky,Man and sword,Like a flying fairy,Turned into a ball of white light,The dark dragon leader who crashed into the air。

boom!The white light hits the chest of the dark dragon leader,But like flowing water hitting the bluestone,Separate from it at the touch,Can’t shake the opponent by half。 Bai Guang splits into two along the body of the dark dragon leader,Into two streams of light,Go around,But behind the dark dragon leader,Turned into a lightsaber。 This lightsaber swishes all at once,Break through,Disappeared without a trace in a blink of an eye。 The

“I feel so too,Just let it out,Let them find the door by themselves。”

…… As a best friend, Luo Bufan also looked incredible,Tucao:This will work?What shit did that guy step on! “Hu Ge,Is this thing valuable?”As a Fuzhou native,Yan Fu’s story,Listen often,Is the pride of their Fujian。What he left,It should be quite valuable? “Hard to say,Let me just say it briefly!manuscript、Letters and other collections,Not without,Even stirred up the situation in the auction market,A sky-high price of several million。 The core value of the

Someone enters the door,It is impossible to be undetected,How can someone come in at this time,Is it possible that these guys don’t know their own rules??Broken own nature,Absolutely cannot be merciless!

But when Li Lao turned around and saw the old man in front of him,The cold sweat just ran down my forehead。 There is a fragrant spring in the room at this time,Both women are already lying in bed immobile,Don’t even have the energy to act,I can only passively hum in that place,The body of the warrior in the gods is very powerful,How can these two ordinary women be able

“amount.Joe.”Michelle sees Ramanle jumping and jumping happily like a second fool,Awkwardly pointed at him and asked,“Didn’t you beat him stupid just now??”

“amount.I do not know either,No way?”Qiao Tianyu curled his lips,Why does this old man smoke?? “Haha,I’m not stupid!Haha.”Raman suppressed that one“Restlessness”heart of,Pointing at Qiao Tianyu and smiling。 “No wonder your kid is confident that you can track it**The whereabouts of those gold,I didn’t expect you to invite KGB agents to help,Really great!God helps me too!” “Old man,Is there anything wrong with the KGB agent??”Qiao Tianyu still asked with a dazed

Lin Yuner knew that Xiao Fan had a big secret in her heart,but,For Lin Yoona,She is not a person who loves to explore the secrets of others,and so,Since she and Xiao Fan opened their hearts,She was ready to accept all the unusual preparations of Xiao Fan。

and so,Even the questions she asked Xiao Fan just now,Lin Yuner’s heart also gave Xiao Fan the time limit to answer her questions.,If Xiao Fan has exceeded the time set for him deep in his heart and still fails to answer to himself,Then she just pretended to be a coquettish,Said I was joking。 but,This time,Xiao Fan didn’t intend to hide from her,For every question she asked,Xiao Fan is already trying

Some precautions in advance,If it wasn’t for their negligence,May not fall into the trap of others,Being used by others to threaten Xiao Fan this time may just be an introduction。

If something else happens,Then if they are really dangerous,So the most dangerous one is actually Xiao Fan,Because they were taken hostages to threaten Xiao Fan,So Xiao Fan is the most difficult。 So every one of them feels guilty about this matter,Although I am in danger,But after they know some of the strength of the opponent,I didn’t think I would be in danger at all。 On the contrary, I feel that

“correct,Lily,Forgot to remind you,It’s 3:35 now,The short-selling battle is about to start in 25 minutes,If you don’t hurry up to preside over the overall situation,I’m afraid the time is too late!”

“Oops i go!Almost missed something!”Reminded by Qiao Tianyu,Lily realized it was late,Turned around and ran out。 “Hey,This girl!”Qiao Tianyu shook his head helplessly,Still the crazy girl who lost everything。 Run out of Qiao Tianyu’s room,Lily quickly explained a few words to her men,Ask them to“Look after”Qiao Tianyu,Qiao Tianyu is not allowed to contact anyone,Can’t let him run。 Then Lily hurried to the Bank of Japan headquarters in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.,Because today

Because in that deep hole,Still empty,And there is no water。

“Master Wu Hao,Let this matter go!Let’s think of another way。Really can’t do,Let’s take a trip to the oasis,Go carry some water back。”Gao Dajin shook his head,Said with regret。 This is the second set of solutions they just discussed,If you send someone back to the oasis,Try to bring a container,Go over there and fill up with water,If you bring it back to the gathering point,Can temporarily alleviate urgent needs。 but,This method

really,Na Long Ying and Sect Master looked directly at Yang Tian and Ye Chi,Obviously aware of the dark demon aura in them。

next moment,Two phantoms went directly to them,Entangled with Yang Tian。 The biggest threat is resolved,It is naturally very advantageous for them。 “boom……what!” It just got loose here,There was another scream on the other side,When fighting on the dark side,The eight masters on the stone pillar also began to fight。 Their goal is clear,That is to kill all of them。 So there is nothing to say next,Want to survive,The only way

“Second Like!”

Everyone talked,Zhu Wushuang personally led Xia Chenglong to forge the sword city。 Approaching the city,It’s really as expected,Just this street,Eighty percent of the shops are used to fight iron and buy swords,Or other ironware。 I wish Wushuang has a high status here,A few people walked over,Naturally, a 100% return rate。 Everyone cast a curious look,What kind of character,Zhu Lao led the way,Let Zhu Chengxiu, the first fighter of the younger