[Can children drink black tea?

]_Children_Can you drink

[Can children drink black tea?
]_Children_Can you drink

China’s tea culture has deep roots. There are many types of tea, but they are mainly divided into six categories, including black tea. This tea is black in appearance, so it gets its name. In some Yunnan,Black tea is widely distributed in Sichuan, Hubei and other regions. Some people especially like to drink black tea. It tastes good and has a lot of health benefits. Can children drink tea?

Can children drink black tea?
Children over 6 years of age can consume Anhua black tea in moderation.

Anhua black tea is a very famous variety of black tea. It has the functions of relieving tiredness and helping digestion, anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, diuretic and detoxification, and has the reputation of “tea of life”.

It is good for children over 6 years old to consume black tea in moderation. Japan also encourages children to go to school every day to have some light black tea. Note that light black tea is too strong, which will lead to the lack of trace elements in children.There is even malnutrition.

In addition, children should not eat Anhua black tea, which contains theophylline. Drinking too much will make the nervous system over-excited and the heart rate will increase, which will affect sleep.

Even because tea is not conducive to iron absorption, drinking too much has been iron deficiency, resulting in iron deficiency anemia in children.

How to drink black tea?

First, take 10 to 15 grams of tea in a traditional way of drinking, and use a pot or other container filled with 500 ml of water. When it is boiled, add the tea to it.Two minutes, after the cease of the fire, filter out the tea residue and replace it.

Tips: Children should not use more than one tea daily.

5g, so this method of brewing should control the number of cups of tea for children, not more than two cups.

Second, cover the bowl of brewing method can use the cover of purple sand or ceramic cups, bowls, take tea 0.

For 5-1 grams, rinse it once with boiling water, pour it out after boiling the cup, pour it into boiling water, and cover with stuffing for about one minute. Wait until the soup is red and thick, then you can replace it.

Tips: This kind of children with tea can drink 2-3 cups a day. Drinking more is not good for health.

Third, milk tea brewing method After the tea soup is boiled in the traditional method, the milk is mixed with the tea soup and milk at a ratio of 1: 1, and a certain amount of salt is added to form milk tea with Western characteristics.

Tips: It is not recommended for children to consume black tea milk tea, because black tea and milk are grams, and eating them together will destroy the nutrition. This method of drinking can only be used for a small amount of early adopters.